A voice we won’t hear again

Sandra touched people.

If you were talking to her, she might reach over and touch your arm to let you know she got your joke or felt your pain.

You could open up to her.

She was warm and tenderhearted.

Also stubborn and fiery.

She cared about fairness.

She cared about people who needed a second chance.

Like she did. Like we all do.

She made mistakes but learned from them and did her best not to repeat them. She learned to stand up for herself, though sometimes her courage failed her.

She hated being taken advantage of or stolen from.

There was no need for that. All you had to do was ask.

She let you know she loved you in spite of your faults. Maybe even because of them.

She liked to drink and gamble, dance and sing.

I loved her voice. Not just the singing. The way she talked.

It was a sweet voice that suited her perfectly.

I won’t hear that voice again.

But I will hold Sandra in my heart forever.


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