Gym Music is always crap!

The day you forget to take your favorite headphones to the gym, you realize why you never forget to take your favorite headphones to the gym!!

This is now a general consensus among the gym rats that music in the gym will always suck, no matter how costly gym you may be going, or what kind of gym (CrossFit etc.).

If you think about it this consensus is a logical conclusion, because Music just like art is highly subjective and taste of music change from person to person and situation to situation.

Every person can have a different taste in music someone may like country pop, while some might enjoy hard rock and metal, there may be some who enjoy power ballad. Even a single person can enjoy different genre of music in different occasions, such as while focusing hard on work one might like power ballads, and for working out he might be rocking out to high tempo EDM.

This is the power of music nobody can say that they do not like music, they might not like a particular genre of music but they will enjoy some kind of music whatever it may be. Music is something that has the power to change and affect generations of listeners, this power has been showcased by a lot of amazing artists time and again. Like the advent of Rock music in the 60s which revolutionized the music industry and generations of public.

But what happens when this music is played inside the gym and it begins to suck, where does this amazing power of music vanish?

What actually happens is, Gym is a public place and there are all variety of people working out in the same enclosed space. Each of this person will have a different taste and preference to music specially while working out. But who is in charge of music at the gym, the management! Who are not working out half the time, so they have no idea what is going into the mind of the person working out. So they just play the songs they like to listen, which obviously nobody else wants to listen to!!

And now if someone goes to them and tells them to change the music, maybe they will listen maybe they wont, and if they do and change it somebody else might object and ask them to change it again. This process then starts up a cycle of all variety of songs being shuffled around the clock which simply fouls the entire playlist of the gym.

So what is the solution to this major problem? I have got no idea, I simply prefer carrying my noise cancelling headphones and rock out to my own set of tunes.

What do you feel should be solution? What do you prefer to do? Share in the responses below.

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