Life is in the balance

Whatever you do in life, the most important thing is having a perfect balance. Whether you ride a bike, cook, blog, vlog, travel, work, or do just about anything in the world, Balance is the key. This balance could be between two opposite features or thoughts or ideas, but unless you achieve the perfect balance they will not have that perfect friction that will help you achieve what you want to achieve.

Let’s take some examples while riding a motorcycle the rider must balance the motorcycle on two wheels, theoretically, that sounds impossible but practically we all know how easy it is. But did you analyze how this balance is maintained? The balance is maintained by moving forward, as long as you are moving forward the bike won’t topple over to one side but you can’t always move forward you have to stop too and that requires braking. And this where true balancing comes in, the rider has to balance both braking and acceleration to maintain the bike in an upright position.

Similarly to achieve anything in life one has to have that balance between various positives and negatives of life. Just like Newton’s third law states “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction” we have to maintain the same in our life. To every negative aspect of life, we have to find that positive aspect which will balance it out. Sometimes you can find that positivity inside yourself but other times you will have to work for it.

If you feel the world is unfair and homeless and poor people should be treated better, go and take action make donations to charities that work for homeless or work at some shelter in your free time. Make that positive thing happen for everything negative that affects you. That’s how you achieve contentment and happiness.

Similarly to find true Self-Awareness you must have some part of yourself that you are unaware of. Otherwise, what are you working towards, but that doesn’t mean you have to be totally unaware. You have to find your own self, your identity and work towards self-awareness. And this Self-Awareness will help you achieve the much-desired balance in life. Because only with self-awareness can you know what two opposites affect your life the most.

Call to Action

So today, start small and find the two things that you need to balance in your life which affect you immensely and achieving the balance between them will turn your life around for the better. It can be anything from professional life, personal life, your family or something about your bike even, but identify it and work to achieve that balance.

I did this exercise myself and I found that I have to balance working on this blog and my other professional life. Currently, I am unable to give as much time to the blog as I want to, so I will work towards that and find my balance. This balance will help me achieve the much-desired contentment and happiness that I search for.

What are the things which make you fell content and happy? Share it down below.

Originally published at on November 20, 2016.