12th December 2019

Free Applications to Improve and Help All Writers

In answer to a comment on one of my articles.

Sam H Arnold
Dec 12, 2019 · 5 min read

Writing Applications

The majority of my posts are written in Apple’s notes application. This is the app, that is downloaded onto all iPhones.

Keywords and Trends

Once I have written the basis of the article, I will think about SEO and keywords. For this process, I use two website applications.

Website Editing

The first website I use is Hemingway Editor. I copy and paste the written document into the website. Hemingway Editor will tell you when your sentences are too long. I tend to waffle. The website will also tell you when you have used too many adverbs. Before using this, I had a nasty obsession with the word ‘just.’

Images Application

Several websites offer copyright-free images. Pixabay is my favourite, although Unsplash works very well through Medium. Many times these images will be sufficient. Sometimes it is an advantage to edit these images to make them original.


When I write a post I have an idea of the headline I am going to use. When I complete the piece I write another 5 headlines I think could work. I then spend 15 minutes working through these options using CoSchedule.

Scheduling Application

When it comes to social media marketing, you can either use the images from the article, or specific ones designed on Canva. The main thing to remember is, use an image.

Three Bonus Applications

Yahoo Mail — I love reading newsletters from other writers, but don’t always want them filling up my inbox. For this reason, I have a separate email address for them. I then send these to my yahoo mail application to read, when I have time.

The Everyday Writer

Writing Tips for all writers regardless of experience.

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The Everyday Writer

Writing Tips for all writers regardless of experience.

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