How to Support Your Fellow Writers.

Make the time to show a writer some love.

Sam H Arnold
Aug 21 · 4 min read
Support a fellow writer.
Support a fellow writer.
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Interaction with writers is such an important part of growing a following on Medium.

There are several ways to support your fellow writers on Medium. I am good at all of them except one. Commenting on people’s posts.

I get so engrossed in the excellent content from all of you, I want to read more and more. So eager am I to click on the next story, I don’t comment half as much as I should.

So first let me say, I’m sorry. Fellow writers your work is amazing I should comment more.

For those new, to Medium there are so many ways you can show a writer love.

I don’t follow everyone and I would never advocate following someone, to get a follow back.

Let’s start with this theory. The theory is if you follow as many people as you can in a day. A proportion will follow you back. Those that don’t follow, you then go back and unfollow.

I don’t have the time or inclination to follow this strategy. The result of this method is you end up with many followers, who have never read your work. You also end up with a home page full of articles, you aren’t interested in.

The system I use is to check out the work of writers, who interact with my work. Whether it’s a follow, claps or a comment I check their profiles out. If I like what I read, I follow.

It is easy to hi-light passages you like or points that resonate with you.

My eyes are drawn towards the hi-lights of others. I try to point other readers to the passages I like.

The system I use is to put my teacher head-on. When I mark essays, if I see a passage I like, I put a tick beside it. On Medium, I hi-light it. I love looking back at some of the hi-lighted passages, I marked a couple of months ago.

At the end of an article, you are given the opportunity to respond to the post.

Try to include a different perspective on the post. Do you agree or disagree with the writer?

Make sure you put something witty and add something to the work. ‘Great article’ is supportive but doesn’t add anything. Say something engaging, people may follow you from your comment. Not that I suggest this is a method to ever consider getting followers through.

As I mentioned before, I’m rubbish at this aspect of support. So the system I am going to use is this. I am going to allow myself three posts, I can move on from without commenting. I read approximately 20 posts a day so this is a good ratio. On the other posts, I’m going to add a comment. If I can’t enter a comment, I’m going to share the post to Twitter.

This is a method of supporting writers that many overlook. If you find an exceptional post, then you can share it with your followers. Try to tell your followers, why you liked the post.

This is the highest compliment you can pay a writer. Sharing their work with your followers.

The last method to support writers we all know is claps. I’m not going to say much about this. I have written so many posts about claps, I have said it all. I will share a couple of posts below if you are interested.

The main thing to say about claps is clap whichever way you want. Save your 50 claps for those posts that knock you off your feet.

Whichever method and system you have, it is important to support your fellow writers. We all work hard on our writing, many of us as a second job.

If you wish your work to be appreciated, then take the time to appreciate others. Whether it is

  • Commenting
  • Clapping
  • Sharing
  • Hi-lighting
  • Following

make an effort to support a fellow writer.

Sam H Arnold is a writer and mentor. Using her 25 years of teaching experience and a degree in Education she can mentor the most reluctant writer. She also has knowledge of many topics in education and child development. It is these and private life experiences which are the foundations of her writing.

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The Everyday Writer

A daily journal that documents the life of a part-time writer, full-time teacher and mother.

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