6th November 2019

The Surprising Benefit of the New MPP System to the Reader in Me

How will the changes affect you over the next month?

Sam H Arnold
Nov 6, 2019 · 4 min read

Writers to Admire

For as long as I have been a member of Medium, I have enjoyed the reading aspect as much as the writing. I started as a reader, for many months, before I took the plunge and published my first article.

The Old System Encouraged Skim Reading

Despite the quality of posts, I have mentioned above, the majority of my reading was skim reading.

The new reader in me.

Since the changes, I am conscious I need to spend longer on the posts. I have too much respect for the authors on here, to short change them for a minute of my time.

That’s the best part of Medium

The quality of the writing on this site is insane. Whether you enjoy tech articles or fiction there is always something amazing to read.

I have had other random thoughts about the new system over the last week.

What effect do I have on people’s read calculations, as often I open an article to bookmark it for later?

It’s an old joke, but it makes me smile.

The Next Month

Regardless of what happens over the next month and how our income changes, this will not alter the reader in me.

The Everyday Writer

Writing Tips for all writers regardless of experience.

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The Everyday Writer

Writing Tips for all writers regardless of experience.

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