Family Law: The Final Legaltech Frontier?

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Family Lawyers need tech too! Having practiced in a law firm that did a fair bit of family law, I can attest to how quickly the work load can rise and the limited amount of tools available to lessen the load. While other areas of law move forward, there hasn’t been too much change in the practice of divorce and family law.

Lots of New Legaltech Tools

Today there’s AI, Contract Analysis, IP Automation, and much more. However, none of these exciting tools really apply to most family law firms. There are of course many practice management tools for family law, but not much else.

Enter Evichat

Divorce often requires troves of text message evidence

Evichat has many use cases — but the one we are most excited about is the efficiency we can bring to you for Family Law matters. Whether it’s divorce, a child custody matter, or something else, family law files more often than not require the collection of years of text message, GMail, WhatsApp, or other chat history. Spouses almost exclusively use text messages to communicate. Or, often an opposing client’s facebook profile or other website requires archiving. Evichat does it all — saving hours of menial tasks allows legal teams to focus on more important tasks. Often this time was un billable to begin with!

More Family Law Tech Coming!

Ryerson University’s Legal Innovation Zone

Lots of family law firms use tools like CLIO, but there are more tools coming! Besides Evichat, Splyt is another family law tool in development. And as we learned from the Legal Innovation Zone’s Family Law Conference, there is more to come! Exciting times!

Puneet Tiwari co-founder and CEO of Evichat and has extensive experience helping organizations and law firms manage and collect chat communications. Click here to learn more about Evichat.
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