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Letter sent on Sep 11

A Formal Introduction

Greetings! My little publication is growing, it seems, and with 10 followers, I figure it’s about time to reach out and say hello.

What is this?

First of all, I don’t think I’ve actually said anywhere what the plan is for this publication. As of now, I’m planning to write a series of novels starring our favorite vampire protagonist. Each novel will be contained under its own heading, the first of which is Nightstalkers. New installments will arrive every two weeks (unless, like this week, I have limited internet access and writing time), and each chapter should be around ten minutes or less.

How long is Nightstalkers? When will it be complete? I have no idea. I haven’t written this out ahead of time, so each chapter is essentially a first draft. It’s a bit of a risk, but I think it makes for an exciting experiment in serial fiction. Hopefully you think so, too.

What’s in the works?

As of now, I’ve got a few little extras in the works that will offer some new ways to enjoy The Exanthropist Chronicles. First up, audio. I’m in the process of recording and editing narrations of the first few chapters, and those will be going live soon. So if you don’t want to read, or if you just enjoy the pleasant dulcet tones of my voice (:p), you can experience it that way. Apologies in advance if any of my efforts at accents and characters are cheesy or off.

Second, I’ll be releasing collections of chapters for purchase on Amazon. Not only will this allow me to reach an audience beyond Medium, but it puts everything together in a Kindle-friendly format that you can pick up and put down at your leisure.

To wrap this up, let me first say thank you, my inaugural ten followers! I really appreciate your support, and hope that there will be more of you soon. Take care, dear readers, and be careful out there - you never know what could be lurking in the shadows!


J. Brandon Lowry