Explosion-Proof Note 7 Return Packaging

Galaxy Note 7 is dead. Samsung killed the product and stopped production yesterday.

From Bloomberg:

Samsung Electronics Co. is ending production of its problematic Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, taking the drastic step of killing off a smartphone that became a major headache for South Korea’s largest company.
Samsung had already recalled the Note 7 once last month after early models exploded and the latest move comes after customers reported that replacement phones were also catching fire. Samsung will be without its highest-end smartphone that was supposed to compete against Apple Inc.’s iPhones and other premium devices during the holiday shopping season.

What could be worse? A recall.

From Business Insider:

Now comes the recall — the company is recommending anyone with a Galaxy Note 7 “power down” and return the phone to where they bought it.
But because the phones are more likely than most to combust, this isn’t a typical recall. The phones need to be treated carefully.

Note 7 production ends. Samsung shares are 7% down. $17 billion vaporized… Very very bad.

Here is the question then:

Who’s gonna take the Note 7’s share in the smartphone market?

A better one, maybe?

Which phone maker captures more profit (not the revenue) in the industry?