The Exhibit 2020
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The Exhibit 2020

1 | Paint a Flower Pot

Grade 1 Flower Pots for Community Workers

For their final Civics and English project, the Grade 1 students were asked to make a part of their community beautiful by painting a flower pot. This was inspired by a story entitled Maybe Something Beautiful.

The kids were asked to paint this flower pot as a thank you to any community worker who has helped them and their community in one way or another. These flower pots certainly brightened many people’s days.

Here are my favorite flower pot designs and videos. 🌷🌻🌼

🌷Adel’s Flower Pot

🌻Lucas’ Flower Pot

Sadly, his video is not available.

🌼Ding Ding’s Flower Pot

🌷Zoey’s Flower Pot

🌻Enrique’s Flower Pot

🌼Khelsy’s Flower Pot



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