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7 and 8 | Note-Taking Giants

Top Three Note-Takers in the Grade 7 and Grade 8 Classes

Last school year, I realized taking notes was (and still is) IMPORTANT! During a lecture, keeping record of what a teacher says helps a student stay focused and actively engaged. It is common knowledge that the more senses you use while doing something, the more you remember that “something”.

For that reason, I decided to demand that my younger high school students take notes in nearly every video lecture I gave to them. First, it started out with excellent notes taken on the spaces provided for them in the book. The students strategically used these small spaces to maximize their note-taking capacity.

G7: John’s Notes

Then, the students started color-coding their notes. Before I knew it, they were writing on other pieces of paper because their notes on the book would no longer fit.

G8: Chessa’s Notes

I was so surprised and shocked at their excellent work, and so, as a reward I decided to give them notebooks for additional note-taking space.

All in all, handing out or delivering notebooks wrapped up in brown paper made me feel a little Christmas cheer. Students, I hope the notebooks made you happy too! This little project was a nice reason to get to see some of you as well.


Congratulations once again to the note-taking giants of the first quarter: John, Iza, PM, Chessa, Jeckaiane, and Aeesha! Keep getting better and better. And to the rest of you, do well and perhaps…you will get notebooks by the end of the quarter too.




This blog is a showcase of excellent work from students (aged 6–15).

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