Announcing the Ethereum Stream

Become an Ethereum Developer and Prepare Yourself For The Creative Economy at Exosphere Academy 2016

Moritz Bierling
Apr 11, 2016 · 3 min read


A technology. A community. A next-generation blockchain platform. A self-generating ecosystem of individuals and many-peopled ventures driven by a vision of radical decentralisation and the promise of fundamental self-determination.

The World Computer.

I first heard of Ethereum in a YouTube video of Vitalik Buterin’s speech at Bitcoin Miami 2014. The inventor himself clearly understood Bitcoin and its underlying invention, the blockchain, so well that he had seen its limitations and that overcoming them would require a new network altogether. Though I was in no way qualified to judge the viability and merit of either his claims or the technology, there was a sense that something powerful had been unleashed.

In the 2 years since then we’ve seen rapid growth in the number of nodes on the network, an explosion of dApps under development, interest from established companies like Microsoft, and a strong price increase of the platform’s associated currency, Ether. While scalability and privacy are still important issues, there are proposed solutions and a detailed roadmap for overcoming them. All of this leads myself, and by extension Exosphere, to conclude that this technology is here to stay.

It is for this reason that I am proud to announce that Exosphere is opening the Ethereum Stream at Exosphere Academy, supported by ConsenSys and Ethereum Labs.

Starting today, applicants to the Academy can select the Ethereum option next to BioHacking, Design & UX/UI, Coding, and Philosophy. As a participant at the Ethereum Stream you will work with myself as the Stream Curator as well as Exosphere Fellow Philip Saunders, a web developer, Ethereum practitioner, and Solidity coder. Philip is the Founder and CEO of Pax, an Ethereum-powered civic network and peer-to-peer legal system currently in development. Under his guidance, you will learn how to code in Solidity (the smart contract scripting language used by the Ethereum and Eris platforms) while working on your own decentralized application or contributing to an existing project.

Thanks to our relationships with ConsenSys and Ethereum Labs, you will be able to work on and be formally recognized for your contributions to real projects in the Ethereum ecosystem, thereby increasing your value to future employers and/or business partners in the industry. More specifically, Ethereum Labs has agreed to put out a special call to projects in its ecosystem for submitting specific problems that Academy students will create solutions for. Similarly, ConsenSys is working with Exosphere to create special ConsenSys badges to credit specific contributions and views their achievement (and Academy participation in general) as a strong addition to internship submissions.

What is Exosphere Academy 2016?

Exosphere Academy 2016 is Exosphere’s residential program taking place from July 11th to September 2nd at the Exosphere HQ in Viña del Mar, Chile. In addition to developing your skills along the Stream vertical, you will be working through a shared core curriculum of social intelligence, business skills, and personal growth. You can learn more about the learning environment at the Academy in our announcement of the program.

Ready to code?

If you want to join me in the Ethereum Stream you can visit our website and click “Enroll Now” or follow this link to apply directly.

If you have questions, shoot me a mail at or find me on Twitter at @bierlingm.

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A blog on the Creative Economy, emerging tech, innovation, the future of work, self-reliance, antifragility, and education reform. Curated by the Exosphere Community. Disturb the Universe @

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Exosphere Stories

A blog on the Creative Economy, emerging tech, innovation, the future of work, self-reliance, antifragility, and education reform. Curated by the Exosphere Community. Disturb the Universe @

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