Towards a 2016 with more connections!

In 2016, birds of a different feather should flock together

If you are one of the people who have been following Exosphere since our first program back in August 2013, or if you have been around long enough, you probably know how much we value diversity and interdisciplinarity.

Our community is made up of people from more than 40 countries (and counting!), 15 to 58 years old, high school students, construction workers, artists, hackers, lawyers, scientists, dropouts, actors, entrepreneurs, PhDs and various other et ceteras.

Although we are very proud of them, we’ve realized that these still are, using Lean Startup jargon, “vanity” metrics. If all these people can’t connect, interact, collaborate, and grow from each other, and at the same time help others to do the same, we will be wasting the real value of what we’ve built.

Whether it is seeking business or professional advice, some food for thought, philosophical stimulation or personal discussion, we want people with similar interests, doubts, goals, and desires from anywhere in the world to be able to meet and connect.

Each week we receive dozens of messages from people doing (or wanting to do) interesting and meaningful stuff, looking to join our mission and work together to Disturb The Universe.

Unfortunately, not all of them can join us for our programs or workshops.

With this in mind and to honour Exosphere’s mission, we’ve decided that in 2016 our community groups had to be more open and we want to invite you to be part of them.

Disturb the Universe with the rest of our Global Network

Exosphere Global Network

For networking and professional collaboration

As the Exosphere community grows and we’ve created more programs of different formats and topics, the necessity for a group to include all those people whose roads crossed ours became clear.

If you want to get closer to our network of mentors, visitors, program alumni, workshop participants, and learn about what they are doing and their Exosphere experience first-hand, collaborate with people from different countries and backgrounds, and expand your network, this is the group you are looking for.

Click here to join “Exosphere Global Network

Awaken Your Awe and start living a more meaningful life

Awaken your Awe

For personal growth and “creating new options” in your life

If what you are looking for right now is stimulating your brain, awakening your curiosity, broadening your perspective about life, and having discussions on relevant matters in life then this is the group for you.

Immerse yourself in topics like psychology, global trends, science and technology, personal development and growth, philosophy, and “blow your mind” news.

We recently just launched, so don’t be afraid to be a pioneer. Introduce yourself, share topics and thoughts, and invite others to join.

Click here to join “Awaken your Awe

Finding it hard to choose only one? At Exosphere we know that there is no professional growth without personal growth, and the same the other way around so why not join both? There are no restrictions for it and the more the merrier.

When we talk about Disturbing The Universe and putting the skills and resources of the whole world to the use we really mean it, and this is why we want you to be part of it.

This is just the beginning, so don’t miss out.

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