10 Things To Keep in Mind When Moving to Germany

#5 Zhe rules are less easy to bend

A blob wearing her orange attire standing at Warschauer Strasse subway station. The blob is eating a pretzel in one hand and a beer in the other. In the background an approaching yellow subway cart. The time reads 3:20 PM. On the left in the background are a few travelers wearing shorts, so it must be summer. The weather is sunny.
Subway station photo by Stanislav Rozhkov, pretzel photo by Pierre Gui, beer bottle photo by Marc Heckner on Unsplash; illustration by the author

Move abroad anywhere, and you’ll receive a free welcome pack wrapped in culture shock. As a Dutch person who moved to her neighboring country, I expected the differences to be mild. Still, there are plenty.

The non-exhaustive list below covers ten things to consider when migrating to Germany.



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Gracia Kleijnen

Gracia Kleijnen


Professional oversharer. Writing towards progress. Personal growth, relationships, mental health, tooling, GSheets & (failed) ventures. linktr.ee/graciakleijnen