On My Birthday in Mexico

David Price
Dec 15, 2019 · 2 min read

Bernardo Ramonfaur, Unsplash

I got drunk

I didn’t mean to, but the ginger margaritas were that good. The little restaurant down the street was better than expected, the music was exceptional, the octopus was fresh, we were the only gringos and I was seduced.

Ambiance is worth a lot and this place had it. It was called El Manantial, The Source.

I was reminded of the old time poetry of Mexico, and strangely enough, of why I’m here. Not the circumstances that bring me here, but rather how it fits my spirit. I changed my direction at age nineteen from theatre to painting rather arbitrarily. My brother had dropped the torch of art when he died prematurely, and I picked it up impulsively and ran with it. It took me fifty years to make something of it. At this age, with my limp and uneasy balance, acting is not in the cards, but I still have a sense of language.

I still wake up with poetic monologues running in my head. I still love music and exotic scenes. I still notice “characters.” I still imagine scenarios and I find them by instinct, it seems.

So, we’re five short blocks down the street in a place that would cost ten times as much in Austin just for the ambiance, celebrating my birthday, when it occurs to me how much beauty and poetry surround me every day.

This way of living satisfies my need for theatre, for exotic color and drama, for pleasure and contact with simple human kindness. This place has been there since 1920, but leave it to my wife to find it. At the risk of sounding trite, the place and the experience both had soul.

Today, on my seventy ninth year of my presence on this charming planet, I am still living an enchanting life. I wish to thank everyone responsible, beginning with my lovely Cynthia and extending out to family, fortune and to the gods themselves.

Thank you for a lovely day, is all I want to say.

The Expat Chronicles

A publication for expats, former expats, and soon to be expats and their adventures around the world.

David Price

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

The Expat Chronicles

A publication for expats, former expats, and soon to be expats and their adventures around the world.

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