Walk The plank

I wish it was funny or at least adventurous. But I am going to tell a story of how my trip abroad became what I now call ‘a walk the plank’ experience.

While I was just heating up for the challange of writing every day for thirty days during my trip to Europe(my flight is set to February 6th), I was then putting things in order very slowly until something unfortunate happened.

My brother and travel companion smashed his damn big toe making it very hard to wander freely to say the least. Big story short he is not going anymore. What was supposed to be a two guys trip has now become a solo one. There’s no time to suffer through all the implications of it, though. I was never much of a planner, anyway.

That set the plank in place

After a seasonal job at a summer camp as a photographer, I came back home to my own bed waiting for my female companion(it seems as though I call everyone my companion), who I have a relationship and share the apartment with. I wouldn’t expect to see her until very late.

Around 3 A.M., she came in not very silently and I pretended to be asleep. We had scheduled a fight. Yes. We scheduled a fight for when I returned. It could, however wait until morning.

The next morning came and we sat down for the conversation neither of us was thrilled to having. I looked at her intently as If trying to remember every little detail of her face, anticipating the worst which, if I must say, was the fear of never seeing her again. There was a falling out and I said I had to leave. She drugged herself to sleep and while she waited on the med to take effect, already dozed as hell, she promised to do something horrible if I left. I scoured every corner of the house in order to dig out any other drug that could be harmful, practically carrying the medicine cabinet with me out the door.

That set the fall

We’ve had more than a few arguments for the past few months in which my trust in her was put in check. And we had an arrangement of meeting again in Rome and having a crazy european experience together. Now, right at the edge, when there’s no turning back, that deal is off the table.

The companion’s changed, the destination’s changed. What hasn’t changed is the desire to dive into the unkown. To embrace the chaos. Just for the hell of it. I am alone and afraid, but I am still going, for time only travels forward and so do I.


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