New Year’s Resolution is fake! Startup dedication is the revolution

Happy New Year everyone!

Okay! It’s 6:20pm (EST) December 31,2017. I have 5 hours and 40 minutes left until it’s New Years! Well for the past week I have been hearing “This upcoming year I’m going to this and that…” and it seems to be repetitive like for every other year. I personally don’t believe in the “New Year’s resolution” because everyone around me already killed it. All the lies for change are just all talk and before you know it it’s only been 14 hours into the new year and someone has already broken their compromise.

Startups should be different!

I myself been trying to work on another startup. I start on developing the idea because everyone around me likes it and I end up finding myself repeating someone else’s idea just executed a bit differently. Now I know entrepreneurs can be successful with a little faith and just a better execution but that depends on every individual. I personally want to bring out a product that is unique and helpful to the society but if I can’t find that idea I will just practice making startups for more experience and try to out-execute other ideas. What I’m trying to say here is that you should always put your effort into pursuing what you want and that should be something to start working on in 2018 if you haven’t already.

Don’t put your startup on the new year’s revolution list because you know you not going to change nothing but one or two things from it. Let 2018 be a startup revolution for good not, a new year resolution!

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I am the CEO of Documented Press and Founder of Startup Advocate! On the side I am currently learning android development and I’m an inspirational writer for the following publications: Codeburst, The Post-Grad survival guide, and The Creative Cafe!