“Be there, but be seen to be there.”

Having undertaken numerous partnership programmes for some of the world’s leading FMCG brands and now managing the Cadbury sponsorship of the Premier League, O’Toole, is in a unique position to identify the key qualities of a successful sponsorship. Presenting at the seminar, his advice on delivering an effective sponsorship was that “brands should not be afraid to take risks, but at the same time ensure they have remained true to their core values.”

“Brands need to be there, but be seen to be there, and evoke passion to be there.”

He went on to add “Audience, association and brand awareness are key to a good sponsorship activation. In essence, brands need to stop interrupting what their audience is interested in, and actually be what their audience is interested in, by being entertaining, consistent and exciting”. Cadbury’s partnership with the Premier League does just that, by bringing together two British icons and focussing on moments of the shared joy of football and chocolate. This in turn provides access to multiple consumption opportunities, such as in the stadium waiting for the match to start, or after the match on the way home.

This partnership extends seamlessly into the retail environment with strong, powerful use of the Premier League IP and imagery in POS, delivering an expanded footprint in stores for Cadbury’s and furthering the opportunity for customer engagement via a series of football related promotions being rolled out over the period of the partnership.