“Great brand sponsorships have principles that clearly define them”

According to Andrew Curley, Head of Sponsorship and Events at Vauxhall, brands should ensure they enter sponsorship deals which fit clearly within their business values, in order to deliver the best results. For Vauxhall, the right sponsorship needs to resonate with their audience and be able to demonstrate an ability to positively increase brand perception and therefore drive sales.

As a British brand, Vauxhall adheres to this approach by selecting sponsorship opportunities which offer full UK coverage. Current sponsorships within the Vauxhall portfolio include the Home Nations Football partnerships with England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland which encompass all teams and age groups, in addition to a partnership with British Super Bikes that is used to showcase the brands commercial vehicles. By selecting sponsorships with a core ‘British’ focus, Vauxhall showcases itself as a brand entrenched in “Britishness” and aims to share with its audiences the many unique values of British life.

Vauxhall showcases itself as an approachable, friendly company, connecting itself with a wider audience.

But how they can they tell if these specific types of sponsorships work for the brand? “We invest in tracking the performance of our sponsorship to monitor any changes in brand perception,” explains Curley.

“This investment will deliver a return in the future, as although improvement in brand perception is a priority, it means we can also demonstrate to the business that this drive in brand awareness generates sales leads and traffic into our network of dealerships.”