Ideas Are Not The Hard Part
Jeremy Conn

My struggle as a non-technical founder

I’ll get to work as soon as I remember to turn on my computer

Non-techies get a bad rap

As a non-techie I sometimes feel useless because I can’t code or design. I can only do one thing: Create ideas. And that’s where we get our value. We are the only ones who can communicate our ideas and see the big picture of our ideas. Snapchat is basically pictures that disappear after ten seconds, but when you think about it’s so much more.

We get our value from being able to communicate our ideas and visions. We are the only ones who can help people see the bigger picture.

That’s why it upsets me when people say ideas aren't the hard part. Maybe it’s my own insecurity about my place in startups, but I believe ideas are worth much more than the rest of the startup community says they are.

But they have a point.

Let me make this clear:

Ideas ain’t worth shit unless you can prove they make money.

I’m an entrepreneur first and foremost, so money is always in the background governing my decisions.

With that being said I set out for ways to prove my business model before I even think of contacting anyone with my idea.

What you can do for your startup

When you can’t code or design anything you might feel like giving up.


Here’s one of the many things you can do for your startup:

1. Validate your idea

Before you even build anything (or ask someone to build something) you want to validate your idea. You can do that by setting up a landing page, talking to your customers by email or even asking an industry expert for their opinion.

But I thought I would try a simpler idea. I would write about my idea on Medium and see if it would go viral. Obviously, it’s not the best way to validate your idea but it works for a quick solution. At this stage, everything should be quick, easy and CHEAP.

Above is the article in question. I made sure to put tl;dr: in the beginning so the main story would show immediately.

In it I explain my idea for my app idea: Medium for podcasts and I show a few mockups I made myself with my designer skills(read:none).

The recording screen…
and the viewing screen (listener).

At the moment I am looking for a technical cofounder but before I do I want to make sure he’s convinced of the potential. If your cofounder is worth having, he will weigh his options carefully. Make it an easy decision.

If your cofounder is worth having, he will weigh his options carefully. Make it an easy decision.

That’s all I’ve done until now. Stay tuned for part 2. In the meantime, you can read this for more info on what to do as a non-technical founder,

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