desperate hanging on versus leaping across

The frame on the left depicts how I feel recently — that I truly want to get to the other side but somehow I am desperately hanging on to the existing cliff for safety, when I should have just done the riskier, harder thing:

Take a leap of faith.

As we see, holding on to safety while trying to get to the other side is not really safe. Apart from getting nothing done because we’re still in the same place, it requires more energy to hold on to something while stretching for something else, and the reality is: I’ll inevitably get tired from hanging on the edge of the cliff and drop to my death. If I had chosen to leap, I could fall to my death, but I may get to where I want.

A little morbid, but I don’t think it is inaccurate.


I know the illustration is terrible, I cannot draw to save my life (I quickly drew it with a sharpie in like 30 seconds on purpose) but I thought this in itself is an act of creative courage, and also, the desire to share raw material.