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The Explanation

Audit of the Universe: Technical progress–Yes, Peace of Mind–No

Humankind’s technical progress has been astronomic, but their peace of mind has not followed.

Our Audit of the Universe reveals that humankind’s technical progress has been astronomic, but their peace of mind has not followed.

  1. These include how humankind’s mind functions, their human nature, and free will that lead to their behavior. For any social interaction, there needs to be ethics and their application with justice for all. It includes the ability to modify one’s behavior and be forgiven allowing an individual not only to integrate society but contribute to its peace and prosperity.
  2. We then touched on the social co-habitation of humankind. Our society is made up of individuals who sexually reproduce with other individuals. Each one, worldwide, going through a growth process in an environment of mother and father, family, extended family, village, city, nation, and beyond. Until we reached globalization, the 21st-century buzzword referring to migration and intermingling of peoples and cultures.
  3. These combined individualities, with their human minds, rule Earth. We have accomplished incredible progress, particularly in the last 6000 years, with a strong emphasis on the 20th century. The development has accelerated, and it is mind-boggling to see where we are in agriculture, biology, technology, and so many other fields. The endeavors of humankind have led to the type of societies we live in today. Experimentation, conception, and realization of humankind’s thoughts, plans, and dreams have given rise to the 21st century way of life.
  4. We ended our Audit of the Universe by considering the tools and methods at humankind’s disposition to reason and reach conclusions–find solutions; their basis for beliefs and actions to both live on Earth and promote peace and prosperity for all of humanity. I ended Audit with How humankind reasons including the four pillars:
    1. Humankind’s observations — Experience and lessons learned from government, leadership, and history
    2. Philosophy — Humankind’s intellectual approach to life
    3. Science — Humankind’s study and explanation of Nature
    4. Religion — Humankind’s incorporation of a Higher Powered Intelligence, of whatever sort, into their life



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