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The Explanation

Material World, Spiritual World. Are They Compatible?

Material world and spiritual world, worlds apart. The Explanation shows that these worlds not only meet, but they are related.

  1. We’ve discussed the modulating frequency emitted by physical phenomena; this compares with the modulating attributes of the Spirit of God, the ruach. Breath, air, tempest, blast, wind, whirlwind.
  1. God breathed the breath of life into his nostrils. On top of this, the breath is a rather poor rendition of neshama as we’ve seen and has lead many to miscomprehension of what God’s telling us here.

Judges 13:25

And the Spirit of the LORD began to move him [Samson] at times (H6470) in the camp of Dan between Zorah and Eshtaol.

You know the story of Samson and how God used him to battle the Philistines. From time to time, the Spirit had him accomplish feats. How is this expressed in Hebrew?


פָּעַם pâʻam paw-am’; a primitive root; to tap, i.e. beat regularly; hence (generally) to impel or agitate:

KJV — move, trouble.


פַּעַם paʻam pah’-am; or (feminine) פַּעֲמָה; from H6470 (פָּעַם); a stroke, literally or figuratively (in various applications, as follow):
KJV — anvil, corner, foot(-step), going, (hundred-) fold, ⨯ now, (this) + once, order, rank, step, + thrice, (often-), second, this, two) time(-s), twice, wheel.


פַּעֲמֹן paʻămôn pah-am-one’; from H6471 (פַּעַם); a bell (as struck):
KJV — bell.

God’s Spirit moving Samson refers to regular intervention. Strong expressed it wonderfully in H6470 with beat regularly; this is picked up notably in H6471 with the notion of time and its repetition, twice, thrice and steps. When we walk, we do so with a regular gait. A bell (H6470) doesn’t have to be struck regularly but often is when used to tell time. Paam (H6470) is also used in Psalm 77:44, “You hold my eyes waking: I am so troubled (H6470) that I cannot speak.” Often when we’re troubled, we have spasmodic breathing and a marked beating of the heart. Again, the concept of increased and more amplified frequency.

Material World

Now let’s come down to the material world. Genesis 1 refers to this regular fluttering (some translations have hovering) Spirit that Yahveh used to create (Psa. 104:30). What is the fundamental nature of the creation?

Sound waves, audible frequencies
Sound waves, audible frequencies
The electromagnetic spectrum of wavelengths that affect humans
The electromagnetic spectrum of wavelengths that affect humans



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