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The Explanation

The Antidote. Ultimate Solution to Agony of Humankind

The antidote must be VERY strong. It has to open the way to the Tree of Life, barred by two Cherubim with flaming swords.

The Antidote. the Lion, representing Jesus Christ, will definitively bruise the head of the Serpent.

The antidote, the last chapter of Agony of Humankind, the ultimate chapter of God’s plan. What or Who can breach the formidable defenses blocking the way to the Tree of…



Unravel the mystery of today’s society with an up-to-date book. Unlock more in-depth Bible meaning with easy Mastery of Biblical Hebrew. Answer all the raise-your-hand questions. Assemble the pieces of the puzzle into one complete, coherent picture. Dare to discover a new medium.

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Sam Kneller

Biblical Hebrew is my passion, the basis of my writing. I ministered & reside in Paris, FR. My books reveal the Bible is a 21st C. handbook.