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The Book of Job Reveals Details of Big Bang and Formation of the Universe

The Book of Job in the Bible reveals details about Big Bang and the Universe 100's of years prior to scientific discoveries.
The Book of Job in the Bible reveals explicit details about Big Bang and the formation of the Universe hundreds of years prior to scientific discoveries

The Book of Job reveals some Bible nuggets. Hundreds of years before scientific confirmation, it talks about Big Bang, particles clustering together to form celestial bodies and even an expanding Universe.

Molten Looking Glass

Job 37:18

Have you with him (God) spread out the sky (H7834), which is strong (H2389), and as a molten (H3332) looking glass? (KJV).

.. can you join him in spreading out the skies (H7834), hard (H2389) as a mirror of cast bronze? (H3332). (New International Version).


יָצַק yâtsaq yaw-tsak’; a primitive root; properly, to pour out (transitive or intransitive); by implication, to melt or cast as metal; by extension, to place firmly, to stiffen or grow hard:
KJV — cast, cleave fast, be (as) firm, grow, be hard, lay out, molten, overflow, pour (out), run out, set down, stedfast.

More Dust and Powder

Job 38:37–38

37 Who can number the clouds in wisdom? or who can stay the bottles of heaven,

38 When the dust (H6083) grows (H3332) into hardness (H4165), and the clods (H7263) cleave fast together (H7962)?

Dust (H6083)


עָפָר ʻâphâr aw-fawr’; from H6080 (עָפַר); dust (as powdered or gray); hence, clay, earth, mud:
KJV — ashes, dust, earth, ground, morter, powder, rubbish


עָפַר ʻâphar aw-far’; a primitive root; meaning either to be gray or perhaps rather to pulverize; used only as denominative from H6083 (עָפָר), to be dust:
KJV — cast (dust).

Hardness (H6145)


מוּצָק mûwtsâq moo-tsawk’; from H5694 (עָגִיל); properly, fusion, i.e. literally, a casting (of metal); figuratively, a mass (of clay):
KJV — casting, hardness.


מוּצָקָה mûwtsâqâh moo-tsaw-kaw’; or מֻצָקָה; from H3332 (יָצַק); properly, something poured out, i.e. a casting (of metal); by implication, a tube (as cast):
KJV — when it was cast, pipe.

Clods (H7263)


דָּבַק dâbaq daw-bak’; a primitive root; properly, to impinge, i.e. cling or adhere; figuratively, to catch by pursuit:
KJV — abide fast, cleave (fast together), follow close (hard after), be joined (together), keep (fast), overtake, pursue hard, stick, take.

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