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The Explanation with Sam Kneller

It starts with a question, Why am I here?

There is an answer, probably a slightly different one, from just about everybody on Earth. Your answer is as good or as bad as mine.

Can you even know the answer to such a global ethereal question as that? And who can you trust to give you the correct answer? How will you know if it is correct?

That is the goal of the Explanation.

It’s not a one-sentence answer, not even one paragraph, chapter, section, or book. It’s step by step over several books. You don’t meet someone you don’t know on the street, and instantly believe what they say. Trust is something that is established over time and through getting to know the individual and their ideas.

Likewise, The Explanation is an adventure into understanding our environs and who humankind is.

I compare it to a 1.000.000 piece puzzle. When assembled, with each piece in its rightful place, you have a wonderful, enlightening picture. We’ve got to make sure we have all the pieces. Then, investigate those pieces to see the colors and contours. Next comes the assembly.

There are definite steps to follow. No shortcuts, or we’ll get lost. It will take some time and effort. It will upset some of your beliefs. Are you ready for this?

A wise man once said, Teach you me, what I do not know.

Let’s get started with The Explanation.

  1. Audit of the Universe
  2. Audit of Humankind
  3. Origin of the Universe (Commentary on Genesis 1)
  4. Origin of Humankind (Commentary on Genesis 2)
  5. Agony of Humankind (Commentary on Genesis 3)

Happy travels and reading.

You can read all of the books of The Explanation series online. Sam blogs weekly at The Explanation masters Biblical Hebrew to help you unlock more in-depth Bible meaning. Free tools to read and study the Bible online.



Unravel the mystery of today’s society with an up-to-date book. Unlock more in-depth Bible meaning with easy Mastery of Biblical Hebrew. Answer all the raise-your-hand questions. Assemble the pieces of the puzzle into one complete, coherent picture. Dare to discover a new medium.

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Sam Kneller

Biblical Hebrew is my passion, the basis of my writing. I ministered & reside in Paris, FR. My books reveal the Bible is a 21st C. handbook.