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Death By Speeding Ticket

Have you ever been pulled over and accused of speeding? No doubt most of you have. While you’re sitting there waiting for the police officer to approach your vehicle and ask about licenses and registration you might not realize your life is now in danger.

What is a speeding ticket? What is at stake? Why is it important to remain limited in what you say?

Think about the following:

  • You are being stopped or pulled over for moving a machine, a piece of your property, at a speed that is allegedly above the posted limit of movement per hour. This speed has been determined by someone who probably isn’t even alive anymore.
  • Your “crime” which has no victim and no damage to person or property will certainly incur a penalty. You will be given a ticket and “asked” to pay a fine. A fine for using your property as it was meant to be used.
  • Worse, you may contest the legitimacy of this issued fine and find yourself looking down the barrel of a gun. If you don’t choose to accept the fine like a good obedient citizen the officer may escalate the situation and remove you from your vehicle, attack you, or worse kill you. This is at the discretion of the officer as he may view your knowledge as a threat.
  • Should you not pay this fine you will be declared a criminal. Armed thugs will arrive at your home, break down your door and and subsequently place you under arrest. In layman’s terms you will be kidnapped. If you fight back these would-be attackers you can and most likely will end up violently assaulted or even murdered.

Crime by definition must have a victim. If you are speeding and your “crime” is merely not following the arbitrary rules, but where is the victim? Where is the person or property that has been violated? They don’t exist and thus “speeding” is not a crime by definition. Speeding is micromanagement by the state — a way for the state to coerce money from you.

Some will argue that speed limits are preventative measures to stop potential destruction of person or property. That line of thinking is invalid though as we cannot regulate good behavior. If this were the case would-be criminals would be arrested before a crime was committed which is a nightmare to even speculate.

Regardless of the law individuals will still speed, or drive drunk, or park next to a hydrant. It may be news to some but murder is currently illegal in the United States — yet many citizens actively murder others. Matter of fact a violent crime occurs every 26.3 seconds in America. I thought there were rules against that…

Speeding can be dangerous but even more dangerous is what State thugs can do to you on a whim. You can and will be accosted, coerced, violated, potentially kidnapped, and potentially killed. The state can and will kill you over something as innocent as “moving too fast” — it sounds silly but, it’s, not.