I need to break up with Twitter

Why do I continue on?

I’ve been on Twitter since the summer of 2007 and my life hasn’t been the same since. It’s been a constant cycle of following and unfollowing, reading and skimming, skipping and liking, tweeting and retweeting, and eventually deleting. I’m so worn out.

Twitter started as such a wonderful tool. Tidbits of useful information and mindless banter. It was so much fun. I remember being on Twitter when Leo Laporte and Kevin Rose were racing for 60,000 followers. The content was… something you could digest. It wasn’t riddled with link spam, chat room style conversations that seem to go on for hours, and certainly wasn’t cluttered. Ugh, the clutter! Speaking of clutter… sleep chimes in.

The app is almost unusable, with the constant feed of “Promoted” tweets and “Featured apps.” I would be more than open to paying upwards of double digit dollars to permanently remove these nuisances. I receive an average of three “promoted” items per ten to twenty tweets read. Its not a good UX.

Somewhere in the last nine years I lost my passion for the service. I went from waking up a half hour before work just to catch up, to going days on end without even opening the app. You would think with time the service and the content would improve, I’m sure it has for some, just not for me. For me Twitter is a toilet and a large room filled with thousands of people shouting. Some people are shouting their opinions while others are just shouting endlessly what their neighbor in the room is shouting. In that “room” you also have people just filling the air with spam. Not typical spam but the ICYMI (in case you missed it) type that is repeated over and over again.

I’ve tried to cut down on who I follow, I’ve also tried to follow more people. No avail. I unfollowed all the RSS type accounts to see if that made more sense but all I was left with was non-information. People talking about crap. Nothing I could digest and repeat to friends or bring up in my iMessage groups or Slack chats. It just seems hopeless. I like the service for news and that’s where it excels. I can know what’s going on at all times… if I’m following the right accounts. That’s a big “if” though.

Not only does all of that suck but the people who follow me are little to no use. Yes I have my small group but what the hell are 4,000 people doing following me if they aren’t interested in interacting with me? What’s the point? Maybe a majority of the accounts are dead? Maybe no one gives a shit what I have to say?

Twitter is a Black Hole, what goes in gets ripped apart bit by bit, and any real “information” gets lost in the mix. Unless you are a celebrity or other media powerhouse you will eventually reach a “terminal velocity” of who and how far you can reach on the service. Twitter offers no tools or path to connect with those who might matter to you the user.

As a positive note, Moments is nice, the team does a pretty good job of curating news people care about. Eventually this will be nice if it’s personalized but if I want something like that I can just open up Nuzzel and read the links Techmeme provides. So is that a reason to stay? I spend so much time curating my experience I leave little to no time enjoying my stay. So this is it, I’m done. I’ve been through so many iterations of Twitter, and groups within that I just don’t have the patience anymore.

So what will take Twitter’s place every morning? Facebook can feed my need for information about my interests. Techmeme and a few tweaks to Flipboard and I’m covered for news. At least I’ll start writing more. 140 characters innovated communication and destroyed thoughts all in the same stroke of genius. I just can’t work this hard to make this work when I’m giving 100% and Twitter isn’t trying at all.

I’m sorry Twitter, I’m pulling a Costanza, it’s not you it’s me. I think we need to start seeing other people.