“Break The Habit To Make The Habit”

Don’t be too harsh on you, this time.

Tell me if some part of this sounds familiar to you, we may have something in common:

I have a habit I try to cultivate X times a week — usually the same days every week, at a regular time of the day. If I can’t one of those exact days I fallback to the next one and then I continue with the same interval. It’s quite a habit I have here. I’ve been doing this for several months now. With temporary breaks between long period of consistency.
Sometimes I feel like I could be doing something else instead of following the path.

Like all the good things, habit has a price.

You too may have habits you try to keep as much as you can with all your willpower, but next time you want to break the rule and skip the routine because there is something more valuable to do, don’t hold yourself back.

When you break a habit once in a while you act like a human being.

Breaking the habit is part of building the habit.

When returning back on track after a short break you can look at your habit with different eyes. It will be easier to continue with your routine and you will be excited almost as if you were staring again.

Here lies the key:

When something becomes a habit it also becomes mechanical. And when you don’t have to think about it, it becomes less effective. So when you break the habit, you will start seeing its benefits again in a brighter way.

Now stop reading and go break one habit.