Gove is out, and Richard Branson is in!

Politics (as we know it today) needs to die…

I rarely write about politics. Frankly, I don’t really see the point. However, today I was inspired… after watching another painfully childish shouting match between Cameron and Miliband…

Just imagine if we had a Prime Minister who would say something like this…

Ladies and gentleman. Welcome.

Today I rip up our party manifesto. It is time to roll up our sleeves and commit to a new vision for politics.

From the Kremlin to the White House politics has lost it’s soul. The vote has become a democratic illusion. As Shakespeare would say… ‘Something is rotten in the halls of Westminster’.

Modern politics has become a sport.

Teams compete for victory… and will do almost anything to win. Policy is not built on leadership and vision but polling and consensus. Presidents and prime ministers are chosen based on presentation rather than character. Every element of their public image is analysed and manipulated to get your vote. Promises are made. Alliances formed. Vested interests fester and distort effective decision making.

We hear the same old ideas, repackaged. Again. Again. And again.

This my friends, and my foes… has gone on for long enough. The time for political rhetoric is over. What is needed is bold action. Parties must dissolve. Politics, as we know it today, must die. And in it’s place an entrepreneurial spirit must rise. Instead of being a fortress for talkers, lawyers and accountants… parliament must become a second home for the world’s leading designers, dreamers and innovators.

One message should run through every nerve of government… ‘Our nation is open for business’… not due to tax incentives that disadvantage the poorest in society, but through an unprecedented commitment to education. Our nation’s success will be built on the quality and pace of learning that happens in our schools, communities, organisations and businesses.

No more abstract policies. No more political campaigning. No more games. It’s time to start solving problems not just talking about them for political gain.

I don’t a give a fuck if you are right or left wing.

I don’t care about socialism. I also have no patience for capitalism either. The world does not need more of the same, but equally, it does not need revolution either. What we need is a blank page and the smartest people in the world to design a government that acts as a platform for constant, evolving change. Government needs to inspire greatness, not just write cheques. We need big thinkers not just number crunchers. We need to embrace 21st century complexity. We need to leverage exponential technologies. We need to embrace open innovation and multi-disciplinary multi-sector problem solving. It’s time we gave the politics to the entrepreneurs and designers…

This transformation will begin at the edges of education and will then flow into every other aspect of our society and our economy. We don’t need more ‘fake jobs programmes’ with AmWorks. We need an unprecedented investment into alternative entrepreneurial education. The message is simple… Gove is out, and Richard Branson is in!

The future of the next generation depends on it!

(P.S. Please don’t get too intense with comments. This article doesn’t like taking itself too seriously, unlike most politicians!)