no. 19

Edie Fake, The Exquisite Book

Look at the picture. Write for 10 minutes. Post a response or keep it for yourself. Here’s what I wrote. Steal it if you want. More info on this project here.

Something That Rhymes

Portents and potions and signals and more. 
Five playing cards lie on the floor.
Candles red waxy are blown out and dead
Encircling the cards in a circle of dread.

“It’s me,” says the two, “I’ve got one heart to spare. I’ll give you my other one. I like to share.”
All hush all around, in the twitching switching room 
The last one to take a heart had met their doom.

And so had the previous three before that. 
Those were the four cards lying on their back. 
“Nothing’s wrong here,” the two says, one heart thumping
“Put some music on now and this party will be bumping,”

Through a hole in the wall where the mice come in 
A quick breeze blows and smells of sin 
“You know why you’re here, two of poison-hearts.” 
“You have killed not one, not three, but four playing cards.”

“Who’s there!” Said the two, “Who is that who’s talking?” 
“You know me well, dummy,” the voice said, mocking. 
I’m the Dealer, and if I may be so bold, 
I think it’s time this hand should fold.