no. 3

Camilla Engman, The Exquisite Book

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It’s So Sad, Isn’t It

It’s so sad, isn’t it? When someone falls down. When they fall to the ground.

When they cannot get up. When they struggle and gasp. When they flail about and lash.

It’s sad to watch. It’s so sad to see.

Oh, makes my heart go sad, inside.

Like a frown that my veins are making, going all the way down.

Down, to my toes.

That’s where the frown goes.

It makes me sad, just to consider, just to think.

Falling down — what a bad thing.

Best to stay up, up on my feet!

Here I am, tall and strong. Nothing. Nothing can change me.

From the corner of my eye, I might see someone falling by.

Best to ignore.

Best to move on.

Best to —

Can’t be caught up with all that business.

You are who you surround yourself with.

So it’s not you anymore, looking out at others.

It’s you, looking out at you. Different bodies but they all have your face.

They are becoming you and you are becoming them.

I must move on past, to the successful place.

They said it was close to here, next to a fountain in the sun.

Next to the fountain in the sun — throw a coin in. Why not.

See it falling into the water.

Drip drop glitter, the sound of future money.

Ka-ting, ka-ting, ka-ting.

Well I might as well, step on in.

No use waiting for an invitation.

Sun will set soon.

Will have to get home, prepare a dinner, sit and eat it, wash the dishes, then go to bed.

Here we go, that’s one foot in.

There we go, now there’s the other.

And time to sit down, time to lay down.

Head underwater.

Eyes open.

The sound of future money.

Ka-ting, ka-ting, ka-ting.