no. 6

Leif Parsons, The Exquisite Book

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Chapter 50: The Tables Have Turned

The tables have turned. Yes, they have turned quite literally. The tables have turned and now what was once in front of me on the table is now in front of you. Will you take it? It’s a boneless porchetta sandwich and I know you try to stay away from pork but now that it’s just right there, a bite couldn’t hurt you could it?

And this, in front of me, a leek soup. I have to say that I would not have ordered it myself, but now that it’s right here in front of me, I might as well just have a bit.

But I’ll let it cool first. I just hate burning my mouth out of impatience. Don’t you hate that? Being hurt because of impatience? I thought you might.

My grandfather was missing his pinky on his left hand. It was a lesson given to him by his father. They lived on a farm, and one day my grandfather was complaining about when the food would be done. His father asked him to stop complaining and to have patience, but my grandfather either couldn’t or wouldn’t and kept on complaining.

So his father gave him a plate of food, straight off the stove, and made him eat it without letting it cool. He said he cried as he was eating but that he never complained about waiting for food to be done again.

Now that I’ve finished the story I’m realizing the pinky was a different lesson. But the point is that his father cut it off. Things were different back then. Child abuse and discipline had more overlapping features.