no. 9

Henning Wagenbreth, The Exquisite Book

Look at the picture. Write for 10 minutes. Post a response or keep it for yourself. Here’s what I wrote. Steal it if you want. More info on this project here.

What a Thing Is

Line of vision. Circle of vision. Vector of vision. Square of vision. Square of seeing. Square of sight.

It came into my square of sight.

Just outside of it there is a tree, leafless with branches that look like spiderwebs if you look at the streetlight through them. This, however, I could not see and did not know existed at all. Therefore, it did not exist.

Tunnel vision. Cave vision. Underground vision. Closed vision. Open vision. Here-and-now-vision. Dead-and-gone vision. Once-and-for-all vision.

This time, I decided to use my once-and-for-all vision so I could see it and understand once and for all just exactly what it was. I could have used my twice-and-for-sometimes or the three-times-but-never vision too.

I see: It is on the ground. It is a thing made of paper that has two thicker pieces of brown paper making a sandwich out of other pieces of paper inside, which have thin blue lines on them, and a pink line on the side that is closest to the mechanism by which the thing stays together. A thin piece of wire has been wound through holes (roughly 20 and each half a centimeter each) on one side of the paper. Some of the pages are torn and dirty and folded. I don’t know how long it has been on the ground, but it has suffered some trauma. Perhaps, though, the trauma was suffered before it fell there, or was placed there, or sprang into existence there. I don’t know.

With my once-and-for-all vision I can see and understand exactly what this thing is: it is 99% combustible except for the thin wire.