a few of my favorite things.

I was thinking earlier about how I was proud of the fact that I had written several posts here already but then realized that none of them had anything to do with the name of this compilation: the Extraordinary Ordinary.

I like using this phrase a lot because I have a lot of fun finding and thinking about details that are usually overlooked but become worth your attention. I also like thinking about it in the context of how small things can make all the difference.

Therefore in the spirit of the Extraordinary Ordinary, here’s a list of small things that I quite enjoy. I will likely come back to this list in times of extreme emotional duress.

Tea: I think my attachment to tea began when my mom shared her milk tea with me when I was a toddler and put oolong tea in my sippy cup. More than just psychological or emotional though, tea just brings me physical comfort.

The ocean: As someone from a coastal state, being by an ocean or substantial body of water brings me immense comfort. The ebb and flow of the currents is like an aural sedative. When I am by the water and I can’t see the other side but can see how powerful the waves are, I am struck by a feeling that I can only imagine the Romantics felt in the Sublimity of Nature. I am not spiritual but this feeling reminds me of the exact scale of my problems. The ocean did not care that yesterday I failed spectacularly or that So-and-So is acting strangely towards me. The ocean only knows that the tides came in and kissed the shore and left again. It did this yesterday, it will do it tomorrow.

Swimming: This is the most Tiffany-specific item and for several years while I swam competitively this was not a joy for me, it was chore. But I feel as though I have reached a level of proficiency where I can be immersed in my own inner-world and not have to worry about crashing into the wall. Conversely, this particular form of exercise also allows me concentrate fully on the movement and I can push myself in a way that I feel I can not with any other form of exercise. Swimming centers me.

Flowers: If we are thinking about it from an evolutionary perspective, the flower is first and foremost decorative and not functional. Its job is to entice an unsuspecting bee to pollinate the plant so it can continue the species. But I certainly do not pollinate the plants and sustain a garden. But flowers are bright and make me happy. If my outside life is dark and chaotic then happy little flowers are my non-functional antidote. Currently, there is small pot of hot pink Cyclamen on my desk.

There are some days where I don’t have the time or capacity to make a grand gesture of self-care. But these things remind me that there is more than just my struggle. They remind me that we are allowed to just enjoy the little things for a moment.

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