Caffeine found to help cure obesity by helping you GET OFF YOUR FAT ASS

A recent report from Perth Now has detailed research showing that obese mice who were injected with caffeine ate less and exercised on their wheel more. The study found that by caffeine interacting with the adenosine receptor the mice FINALLY GOT OFF THE FUCKING COUCH AND WENT FOR A RUN. They also found that it reduced the mice’s urge to JUST EAT EVERYTHING THEY FUCKING SEE, SHARON. Scientists have known about this link for a while now but didn’t fully understand the mechanism of how COFFEE STOPS YOU BEING A LAZY SHIT SHARON. Unfortunately the mice were injected with the equivalent of a human dose of 30 cups of coffee so this won’t be YOUR NEXT FAD DIET THAT YOU TRY AND JUST GIVE UP LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE SHARON — YOU HAD SO MUCH POTENTIAL AND YOU JUST GAVE IT UP AND WHAT DO YOU HAVE NOW? YOU CAN’T EAT YOUR FEELING SHARON YOU HAVE TO FACE YOUR PAIN.

The research has implications for how we can work to solve the country’s growing obesity problem.

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