Frozen (Eggs): Part One

Hi there. I’m Catherine, and I’m the founder of an HR tech company Pomello. While I normally write about company culture, occasionally I want to talk about a more the more personal side of being female while founding. I occupy many roles in my life other than founder. I am a friend, a sister, a daughter, a musician, a writer, and a woman who wants to have a family one day. I decided to write a series of articles about freezing my eggs, because it felt like something that I’d only talked about in passing. It sounded like something that a lot of women do alone, and selfishly I wanted to feel less alone while I do this. Thanks to the F-Suite for including me as a contributing writer!

Letting It Go

I’ve decided to freeze my eggs, and my introductory doctor’s appointment with the fertility center is this week. I’ve been talking myself into this for some time, but on the cusp of actually doing it, I have a question: Are there any ladies out there who want to do this at the same time? Can we band together in some sort of flotilla of mutual support?

I’m a pretty good at keeping it together, but giving myself shots of hormones sounds terrifying. The side effects of the hormones sound like a drag. I am going to pay for this, somehow, out-of-pocket. Most of all, I didn’t think I would be doing this now, or writing about it for that matter.

Not Being the Good Girl

Let me back up and explain a few important points about my life to date. I spent my entire 20s in two serious committed relationships (one was a marriage) both of which I thought might result in a life partnership with kids. Things did not go according to plan.

I got divorced. My post-divorce relationship fell apart spectacularly. I found myself single in my early 30s with little to no dating experience and an infinite number of dating apps. I’ve learned that you cannot project manage your personal life. Here is why I am freezing my eggs:

I am sure I want to be a mom. I am not sure what the next 5 years hold for me. I know I am approaching the age of egg oblivion (hyperbole, I know). I don’t want to put my relationship in a panic room. I don’t want my company to compete with my biology.

Let the Storm Rage On

Ok, so I’m doing this! We can only hope that my doctor looks like this guy. Here is my pitch for why anyone thinking about this should do it now.

January and February typically suck from a time of year perspective. It’s cold and dark. I live in San Francisco, and it looks like El Nino is also going to make this winter particularly dark and rainy. Everyone wants to hibernate anyway. Valentine’s Day is rubbish. There are a lot of movies to watch. What better time to stimulate one’s ovaries?

The Cold Doesn’t Bother Me Anyway

I’m scared. I’m scared of needles. I’m scared of what the tests might tell me. I’m scared of how I will feel during and after. I’m really scared of the bills. I’m scared to be doing this alone.

I am still going to do it. So on the off chance that anyone else out there is going to do it too, give me a shout. I’d love to hear from you.

In part two of this series I’ll cover confusing paperwork, you will find out if my doctor carries an egg-freezing gun, and I will continue to discuss my feelings ad nauseam.