The Future of Media and Marketing Is Video

“I think video is a mega trend, almost as big as mobile.” —Mark Zuckerberg

Video is eating the internet.

Text and images were once the web’s dominant forms of content, but now videos are everywhere we look, being shared by our friends and prioritized by social media algorithms and featured on publishers’ homepages and created by businesses big and small.

For the fifth annual Contently Summit, Contently partnered with Ceros to create an interactive infographic that would reflect the internet’s paradigm shift toward video, video, video.

What’s caused video’s explosive growth? How have platforms like Snapchat and Facebook, along with changing consumer behaviors, accelerated video’s rise? Why are two-thirds of marketers moving advertising budgets away from TV and into online video? What’s the proof that creating video now isn’t a luxury but an absolute necessity?

The Future of Media and Marketing Is Video” answers all those questions (and more) in a beautiful, dynamic, multimedia-rich content experience.

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