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3 min readApr 7, 2019



Q1 2019

Dear Factom Community,

As many will be aware from our last report, much of our time has been spent working on an IoT-related project. More specifically, we have been developing hardware to support Factom blockchain signing.

Integrity of data from source and during transport is becoming more crucial as the number of IoT devices coming online is increasing exponentially. We believe Factom is perfect for IoT, due to low data entry costs and chain structuring. Our solution — Signed at Source™ — essentially secures data of virtually any device or sensor as close to the source as physically possible.

We will have a press release in the coming days.


As per our application, we pledged to review our server efficiency quarterly. TFA will not change efficiency at this stage.



We continue to maintain the explorer and implement community suggestions. We’re currently contemplating outsourcing a design upgrade for the site to give it a more professional look.

Twitter project

Coordination with Consensus Networks has been established and planning/development is underway. More information will be made available in the coming weeks and months.

Additional pledges

We have previously identified multiple projects we want to pursue, but due to bandwidth limitations those are currently on hold. Right now we are focusing on the open-source Twitter-project as we believe that is the most interesting and advantageous project at this time.

Additional contributions

Voting-app grant

A significant amount of time has been spent testing the voting implementation this quarter. This project is now finished and the final report is available here.

Ledger identities grant

The Ledger Identity code is finished and the updated software accepted and released by Ledger. Some testing still remains. More details are available in the grant update thread.

Committee Work
Ben is an active member of the Exchange committee. Tor recently switched role in the Core-committee stepping down as chair and taking up being secretary of the committee instead, focusing on coordination of testing and authority set upgrades.

TFA hosted a coin raffle in February giving away 12x 1oz sliver Factom memorabilia coins. As part of the raffle, we developed a script to make it both fun, fair and auditable and even burned some EC in the process. As a result of announcing the raffle, new registrations on Factomize increased significantly and coincided with the introduction of the Factom newsletter.

Graph: Factom Protocol Forum, new user account registrations

One of the winners, “Dizer” was so happy he won that he framed the coin and put it on his office desk. It looks pretty neat!


Next week Stuart Johnson will be attending the Odyssey Hackathon as a jedi; an expert at the hackathon supporting more than 100 teams in their efforts of producing viable blockchain-based solution.

The Odyssey hackathon is the world’s biggest blockchain & AI hackathon, with multiple tracks suitable for Factom-based solutions.

Continued hosting for:

*In cooperation with Bedrock Solutions