Assignment: Growing the Weeds

Fake News is only legal for medicinal purposes in most states.

Consider the way Fake News grows. And the more fake news you have, the easier it is for more to grow from that, especially when there’s not one central source of fake news — like the Ministry of Propaganda — but instead fake news sprouting in every yard, in every flower box, and from every compost pile.

Consider the case of Pizzagate. How it snowballed. Now consider a snowballing pizzagate rolling toward you. It’s unstoppable.

Now consider Pizzacat.

Hard to unsee.

So, now that we’ve got a week’s worth of fake news stories, let’s see how fake news becomes the foundation for even faker news. Following the lead of the fake-o-sphere, let’s build fake upon fake.

Your challenge:

Take one or more of the Fake News stories from last week.
Write a new story that builds on that fake story.
Wash, Rinse, Repeat!

Twitter Easy Version:

Or you can just build upon a Fake News tweet from the #uacwtf In fact, your new story could be Tweet-length.


You’ll find last week’s Fake News Stories here:
CTRL-ALT-RIGHT: our right-wing tabloid.
West of Knob Lick: Our left-leaning broadsheet.
The Trumpet Blow Institute: A think tank where you can publish fake studies to support your fake news posts.




The main organ for news on the UnderAcademy Course: How to Write and Read Fake News: Journullism in the Age of Trump

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Mark C. Marino

Mark C. Marino

writer/researcher of emerging digital writing forms. Prof of Writing @ USC, Dir. of Com. for ELO, Dir. of HaCCS Lab

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