Fake News Course Reading List

Here’s a tentative schedule of Fake News readings offered in chronological order because that’s just what you do on a syllabus. Basically, we recommend you read some or none of these articles, whenever. Help us extend this list on this Google Doc. (Request edit privileges to add to it.) You might also want to check out this resource on how to publish on Medium.


Fake News List:
Google Doc with list of news outlets evaluated.

Fact Check.org

Reddit: Fake News board:

About Fake News


Summer reading: The Real History of Fake News by David Uberti
The True History of Fake News by Robert Darnton
See also the Fake News Timeline here


Tabloid Valley: Supermarket News and American Culture. by Paul E. Morton
Scandals in American History. By Alan Bisbort
The Dissident Press: Alternative Journalism in American History. by Lauren Kessler
Smoking Typewriters. By John McMillian
The Martians Have Landed! A History of Media-Driven Panics and Hoaxes. By Robert Bartholomew and Benjamin Radford
The Daily Show and Rhetoric: Arguments, Issues, and Strategies. Ed. by Trischa Goodnow
The Stewart/Colbert Effect: Essays on the Real Impacts of Fake News. Ed. by Amarnath Amarasingam
Is Fake News the Real News? by Mark K. McBeth & Randy S. Clemons

#100HardTruths — by Alex Juhasz

Case Studies:

Jan 20: Pizzagate: From rumor, to hashtag, to gunfire in D.C, Washington Post.

Jan 21: From Headline to Photograph, a Fake News Masterpiece by Scott Shane, NY Times.

The Making of Jayson Blair. by David Folkenflik

Fake News & Media Literacy:

Jan 22: Did Media Literacy Backfire? by danah boyd
This Analysis Shows How Fake Election News Stories Outperformed Real News On Facebook
Hacking the Attention Economy by danah boyd

Jan 23:
What’s Propaganda Got To Do With It? by Caroline Jack
Are There Limits to Online Free Speech? by Alice Marwick
Why America is Self-Segregating by danah boyd
How do you deal with a problem like “fake news?” by Robyn Caplan

Jan 24
Media, Technology, Politics: six new pieces on the networked public sphere

The Right Is Building A New Media “Upside Down” To Tell Trump’s Story by Charlie Warzel

Distinguishing Fact from Fake:

Jan 25:
Fake Or Real? How To Self-Check The News And Get The Facts
How to Tell Truth from fiction in the age of fake news Chicago Tribune Editorial Board
What is fake news and what can you do to stop it?
Fake News Sniffing Plugins for Google Chrome.

The Real Stories of Fake News Writers:

Jan 26
I’ve Been Making Viral Fake News for the Last Six Months. It’s Way Too Easy to Dupe the Right on the Internet.” Marco Chacon

Jan 26: Facebook fake-news writer: ‘I think Donald Trump is in the White House because of me’

Jan 27:
We Tracked Down A Fake-News Creator In The Suburbs. Here’s What We Learned
Four Crazy Quotes from a Fake News Writer

Jan 28:
How Teens In The Balkans Are Duping Trump Supporters With Fake News
Creator of anti-Clinton fake news campaign that swept nation tells why he did it

Bots & Fake News

Jan 30: How Pro-Trump Twitter Bots Spread Fake News
Twitter Bots Favored Trump Leading Up to Election by Jeff Nesbit

How people Ca$h in:

Feb 1 This is how Facebook’s fake-news writers make money

Legal Eagles

Feb 5
Fake News and the Law: From 1798 to Now
Isn’t Fake News Defamation
?, Virginia Defamatory Lawyer.com
What Legal Resource do Victimes of Fake News Stories have?
Fake News Sites: Legal or Illegal?

The End
Feb 9
Fake News is Now a Tainted Term. It is time to retire it.

Fake News Itself


@ApprovedNews6 on Twitter:
Ongoing fictional news reports from an alternate reality.

Meta-Fake News
Fact Checking a Fictional Affair with the 2nd Lady of the United States

Before Its News:
A home to Fake News




The main organ for news on the UnderAcademy Course: How to Write and Read Fake News: Journullism in the Age of Trump

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