Season 2 Complete — VICTORY

My second season managing Manchester United was a roller coaster, but thankfully one that didn’t involve threates to my job. Massive injuries made it seem that the season would be a loss, losing Pogba, Herrera, Bailly, Mkhitaryan, for at least a month each. With the 4 of them out, in less than a month I saw my side get knocked out of the FA Cup, EFL Cup and the Champions League. But this seemed to spur a massive surge in the league as after that point we won out 7–0 to win the league with 2 games left to play. Which was good because at the start of that run, we were 1st in the league on 60 points, and 2nd, 3rd, and 4th were all tied at 59. meaning a loss could potentially drop me 3 places.

But we got the job done, and as players returned to health, we got stronger, and finished well.

This is where I have decided to pause this save. I am in the middle of the transfer window, once again BEGGING Rooney to leave so he’ll stop taking up $16m in payroll. Although this time around, when i asked him to talk to other teams,I convinced him by pissing him off and saying that if he didn’t transfer, I wouldn’t even register him in my squad. He didn’t take kindly to it, but most of my current squad have never played with him, so his anger didn’t upset the locker room.

But that is where I am hitting pause and starting a new save and a REAL challenge. I’ll be sure to write more about it in the coming days, as it will be an adventure that I don’t seem to be able to find any guidance or other examples of people trying.

hint: it involves working in the USA!