Our Optimism mingled with our doom!

Since our presale was scheduled to begin on Nov 15 we decided to do a trial run this weekend and perform a final check on all the individuals that were white listed for the presale.

Upon closer examination we found that of the 300 whitelisted individuals only 30 were genuine and the rest were scammers masquerading as genuine investors. For the presale we kept our whitelisting process simple so as to keep it truly decentralized and anonymous and that turned up to be our Achilles heel! This experience tells us that the crypto community is not ready for a project like ours. We were complacent and were caught off guard. Since we are short on time and it is meaningless to collect funds only to return them we have decided to not move ahead with the presale and abruptly close our project.

We thank everyone who helped us during the project and we are very sorry for letting you all down.


FARM team.