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Final Four Steps To Writing An Effective Press Release Announcing A New Hire Or Promotion

  1. Discuss Staff Member’s Background and Qualifications Within Body Copy
  2. Include a Quote About The New Hire From an Executive
  3. Describe the Impact of New Staff Member’s Role
  4. Finish Up With Company Boilerplate and Media Contact Details


1. Discuss the Employee’s Background and Qualifications

  • Previous company/companies
  • Previous position(s) held
  • Years of experience
  • Degree or advanced degree(s)
  • Recognition (Forbes lists, 40 under 40, etc.)
  • Certifications (e.g., P.E., PMI-ACP®)
  • Veteran status
  • Minority status
  • Notable accomplishments
  • Type of role (such as executive, management, specialist)
  • Scope of role (such as oversaw a merger, managed a $29 million budget, obtained a substantial grant)

2. Include a Quote about the New Hire

  • The new team member’s manager
  • CEO or senior management in the company
  • The new hire herself or himself
  • A major client or customer

3. Describe the Impact of the New Hire’s Role

4. Conclude with Your Company Boilerplate and Media Contact Information




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