How to Use Reviews in Press Release Distribution?

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3 min readJun 1, 2021

Reputation management is becoming more and more important for business owners and entrepreneurs. It makes sense to use the reviews you receive in your marketing. You should include reviews in your press releases too. This article will show ways you can use your reviews in press release distribution.

by Louise Harris

Reputation management has become important for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Reputation management is the practice of making sure you, your company and your brand is living up to the promises that are made. Your reputation whether good or bad will come from the reviews that people place about you in Google or social media. You should be using these reviews in your marketing. You could use these reviews in your press release distribution too. Here are some ways to use reviews to your advantage in press releases.

1 — Use in Quotes

Every press release should have a quote. If you are writing about a new product or service, you could use a recent review in the quote instead of the executive of the company. This would make the statement about your product more powerful. It isn’t just you saying what a great product you are mentioning, but people who have used it. This also gives journalists other sources to corroborate your press release. They would be more willing to run a story if they can get more than one source.

2 — Provide as Background Material

Press releases should include background on the company. You could put a review in the section on background. “XYZ Company has tested the product and decided it lived up to the promises. Read the company’s review of the product on our website.” While it won’t be in the body of the press release, it will show journalists that you have tested your products. The journalists would go to your website to ensure the products do what you claim. They would read the reviews there and get a better sense of what it does and what would make a good story.

3 — Prove You Are Expert

Press releases that are designed to establish you as an expert in your field will need additional convincing. You could talk about the number of reviews and what they say that proves you are an expert in your field. Reviews often discuss what you do the customer. That would show to journalists that these people believe you are good at what you do. If they believe you are an expert, journalists would see you as an expert too. Again, these reviews could prove to be additional sources for their story. For example, Faselis Growth could use reviews to prove it is an expert on press release distribution.

4 — Use to Counter Negative Publicity

Sometimes, press releases are meant to counter negative publicity. For example, a protest group targets your brand for something you might have done wrong. In your press release distribution, you would want to include those reviews that show you are not the bad influence the protest group says you are. These reviews would counter negativity. Journalists might read them and interview them directly.

5 — Promote Your Reputation

The reviews could be the press release themselves. If you have a lot of positive reviews, you might want to tell the press about it. You don’t want to write a press release if you have a few reviews, but when you reach a milestone, you might want to say something along the lines of, “Customers Give Five Stars After Six Months in Business.” This will tell journalists that your popularity is accelerating quickly and that you have not been in business long. This could be a good story for them to write. This type of release will work whether your company provides products or services.

If you want to use reviews you have received in press releases, you could do it if you know how Faselis Growth can help you write the press release using your reviews and send to editors and reporters.



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