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3 min readSep 29, 2021

Entrepreneurs thrive on the patents they receive for their prototypes. Their intellectual property could be sold or licensed and bring in revenues for entrepreneurs or small business owners. They also allow entrepreneurs to receive funding from investors. However, in the digital world, stealing Intellectual Property (IP) is getting easier. Entrepreneurs are finding it difficult to protect their patents, copyrights, trademarks and proprietary information. If your IP is under attack, you should send a press release. Here are some reasons why.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners must always protect their intellectual property if they want to stay in business. Their patents, copyrights and trademarks could be licensed or sold to generate revenue. They also could entice investors to provide funding. However, the digital world is making it easier for criminals to steal intellectual property. Here are some reasons why you should send a press release if you worry about losing your IP.

Why You Need to Send Press Release if Your Intellectual Property Is Under Attack

1. Establish Ownership

When you are awarded a patent or register a copyright, you should send a press release, establishing ownership of the intellectual property. That way, if it is under attack, you could show that it belongs to you. This would establish ownership and build a relationship with industrial journalists. If you face a theft or attack, you could send another press release talking about the theft or attack. Journalists are likely to run a story on you if they have already run a story about you previously. They also like conflict, so a story about protecting IP would appeal to editors and broadcasters.

2. Establish Timeline

Protecting your IP involves showing a time line. For example, if you want to prove your copyright is the right one, it has to have been registered prior to anyone else’s. The same is true with trademarks and patents although with trademarks, you also have to show that yours is different from others. Sending a press release when you are awarded the patent or copyright and throughout the project will establish a time line for your IP. Even if the journalists do not run a story, you could show that you had sent the press release. If you Faselis Growth or another press release distribution service, you could an exact date of when it was received and opened through the platform’s analytics. However, it is likely that editors might want to run a story about your company on this, especially industrial or online publications.

3. Get Publicity for You

When you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, you need to protect your IP whatever way you can. Getting sympathy from the public for an attack on your IP is important. You don’t want to lose your investors because your trademarks became generic or patent is stolen. Therefore, if your IP is under attack, you should send a press release to get publicity for your company from the customers. This publicity would bring to the public’s attention of the attack and reassure your customers that you are doing everything possible to protect the high quality they have come to expect. You also would reassure your investors that you are protecting your IP.

You have to be careful when you send a press release after you worry about protecting your IP. You want to make sure it provides the right information and that you are proactive. You should consult a press release distribution service to ensure you word your press release correctly for maximum pickup. Faselis Growth has been working with entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to create press releases and distribute them to attract media attention for many years. The experts like to work with you and help you get the results you seek.

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