Should You Send Press Releases for Launch of New Website?

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3 min readJul 13, 2021

If you are launching a new website, is that newsworthy enough to send a press release? This is a question many small business owners ponder. This is a valid question. In some cases, editors would say “a new website, so what?” But, in other cases, the fact that you are creating a new website is newsworthy enough for a press release to be sent to media. This article will give you ideas on when you should submit a press release because you have a new website.

by Louise Harris

Small business owners often think that sending a press release because they have created a new website is not necessary or a waste of time. They believe that launching a new site is not news and why waste time and money on this small fete. However, there are times when it is a valid reason to send a press release. Here are some tips so you could decide for yourself if press release distribution is not a waste of time and money.

1 — Launching Business

If you are a start-up and are creating your website because you are beginning operations, then you would want to send a press release about that. New businesses should always send a press release. They might get press attention even if the article is a brief about new businesses in the area. The website would provide validation that your start-up is in business and serving the public and would give background information to journalists. The small article would be searchable and provide the start-up a beginning online presence.

2 — Adding Services

Companies that have been established for many years might want to send a press release when they create a website for new services or new products. For example, a recent company that provides courses on healthy eating is providing a new service of recipes. The company is launching a new website of recipes and stories about people going through the program. While the new website is not newsworthy per se, the act of providing a new service and new stories is newsworthy. Also, it shows that your company is growing and filling a need in your market place.

3 — Disrupting Industry

If your new website will turn an industry on its heels and provide services in a new way, it becomes newsworthy. Editors like to write stories about companies that are changing how services or products are provided. Online publications like industry disruptors because they grow fast and make people think. This gives them fodder for stories and videos for many days and weeks. For example, Faselis Growth’s press release distribution platform designed for entrepreneurs has disrupted the public relations industry.

4 — Getting Instant Hits

When you launch a website that is instantly popular from a social media buzz or another campaign, this is a good time to send a press release. The instant popularity is newsworthy. It shows the popularity of your business and that people who are potential readers, viewers and advertisers are watching what you will be doing in your industry. You launch a website that becomes celebrity status. Journalists like to follow celebrities even business celebrities, such Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos.

5 — Hiring New Employees

Sometimes, companies create websites when they are hiring new employees. This is a good time to send a press release. Journalists always like companies that are expanding and creating jobs. They will give you media attention if you are looking to hire new employees. Creating jobs is a signal that the local economy is doing well, and you are a part of that.

Therefore, don’t discount your new website as not newsworthy. Make sure you write the press release that is newsworthy. Faselis Growth has experts that can help you write your press release.

Faselis NOTE:

If you want to get media attention for your new website, you will have more success when you write it correctly that would entice editors. Faselis Growth can help you write the press release and send to editors and reporters.



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