Why Should You Send a Press Release After the Pandemic?

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3 min readOct 5, 2021

In the last year and half, small business owners have dealt with a lot of issues relating to the pandemic. Although some states have allowed businesses to reopen, many still have businesses closed. Other states are allowing only some businesses to reopen. Therefore, customers have no idea if you are open for business or if you are not. Press releases are a good way to tell customers about your status. Here are reasons why you want to send a press release after the pandemic.

Although the vaccines are allowing more businesses to open, many states still have restrictions. Customers are uncertain about which states are allowing businesses to reopen and which businesses in those states are opened. Sending a press release will help customers know whether you are accepting new business or not. Here are some reasons why you would want to send a press release to let the world know you have reopened after the pandemic.

1- Eliminate the Uncertainty

When you send a press release, you will tell your customers and potential customers that you are open again. Even if you have been operating online, you might want to tell your customers that prefer brick and mortar stores that your business is open. Some businesses are not able to be in business online. For example, you wouldn’t be able to get back relief from an online massage therapist. Using a press release distribution service would allow you to tell customers that you are open. Although it would be up to the media to determine whether they would run the story, you could send the release to end uncertainty. Some media list the businesses reopening. If you send a release, you would be listed on its list.

2- Provide Changes in System

Although reopening is a good sign that the economy is moving forward, many states are restricting how you operate your business. Your customers will want to know how your business will operate differently when you are reopened. The media could help you tell them by running a story on how your business or industry has changed and what you are doing. You would have to send a press release to make sure you let the media and the public of the changes in your business. When you send a press release through a distribution service, such as Faselis Growth, you can be assured that the media would received the press release in a timely fashion. They would be more likely to do a story about you if your company is local, doing something differently and sending through a press release distribution service.

3- Tell What Is New

Some entrepreneurs have waited before launching their new company. They didn’t want to do the launch during the pandemic. However, a year later, they are ready to go. These would want to send a press release telling about the launch. Although they are not reopening, it still is important to mention that you have decided to wait out the pandemic and are opening now. The press release would give local media something new to report. They would be more likely to feature your company in a story. If you were an online company but want to move into a boutique store, that also is news. You also could represent a business that was closed but has reopened with new products or new services that fit the post-pandemic world. A well-written press release would help you tell the world what is new.

To get started on your public relations campaign and announcing to the world you have reopened, you should hire experts who can guide you through the process. You would want to send your press releases to publications that appeal to your target market. Faselis Growth is a platform that is designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners select the right publications and help them get started.

By Louise Harris

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