The Feeding Rhyme
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The Feeding Rhyme

By the Letter

Two: Last Chances

upon receiving your message, I must say…


I don’t want to be that guy but I admit I rushed to the coffee shop, your letter in hand, just to ask for you. They already had my order prepared, bless them, so if you couldn’t tell by my frantic handwriting, I’m a bit jittery at the moment. Perhaps I should change my order, spice things up a bit, although you won’t be there anymore.

I’m sorry but, Australia? You didn’t have an accent? I don’t think you had an accent.

I feel now what you called arrogance is probably standing in my way more than if we had exchanged phone numbers; texting would definitely be simpler than letter-writing. But you asked me to keep writing, and I would enjoy keeping up with you.

That sounds cheesy; I’d like to be your penpal is what I mean.

P.S. Do you meant to tell me I drank old coffee?

P.P.S. I’m a Jon without the “H” so no cliché there.

not gonna lie i feel a little relieved to be another country if your first reaction was to rush to my former place of employment just to check up on me. is this going to be a thing? i may misplace your address from now on.

you’d be surprised at the number of customers who order the exact same drink everyday. we once had a customer ask for three espressos for at least two months straight. every single morning without fail. now that’s a caffeine addiction if ever i’ve seen one. i’m still holding a bet one whether she just changed shops or if she actually passed. crazier things have happened in the service industry.

and yes, i do have an accent. an australian from australia kind of accent. i wasn’t allowed to bring my kangaroo into Boston. sorry i didn’t mention it before, you were just another customer until literally my last day on the job. i recommend jumping the gun and being more assertive the next time you have a crush on the barista; any day could be your last chance.

fear not, i won’t hold it against you.

i suppose if we’re being open here, i’ll just go ahead and say:

  • Edda is a nickname
  • favorite color = green
  • i’m more of a beer kind of person than coffee or tea
  • i don’t like much music
  • platypuses are strange strange creatures and i’ve yet to see one irl
  • and i prefer texting over phone calls, letter-writing fits somewhere in the former

cheers mate,

p.s. if you change orders, please make sure Liam is your barista (the one with the ponytail) and tell him to transfer my winnings to my account

Mika is a Mexican writer and translator, pretender, pet-lover, and a mess at 1 in the morning.



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