creation by Kari Treese

The Fem Lit Mag
Nov 15, 2017 · 1 min read
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spin fast in a circle
surrounded by summer
grass. let go of your arms —
fling them out wide scooping
air as you turn — then, fall

say i love you enough
times and you begin
to believe it’s true
buffeted by the sound
of the words, carried along
by the vibration of your lips
whispering i love you

feel your chest heave
the earth spin and claim
the imperceptible
wandering of planet
and revel in its
hiddenness exposed

say i love you
stare long enough
at still clouds
and they begin to move

Kari Treese is a mathematics teacher and writer in California. Her work has appeared in The Los Angeles Review and Crab Fat.

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